Major Achievements


  • Autoform at Malung has launched Aero Loader 2, see, the first product in the second generation of roof boxes with uniquely low aerodynamic drag and intended for the expanding electric vehicle market.
  • Calix has received a large serial production order of Engine Block Heaters and Cables to a major producer of cars. The new order will generate net sales of 60 MSEK per year and deliveries will commence in the end of 2026.


  • CalixKlippan has taken a further step to meet its sustainability ambitions by the installation of solar cells on its 4.300 sqm factory at Sulzemoos in Germany. This installation will enable the factory to generate more green energy than it will use.
  • Klippan Safety has started an extension of the factory in Poland by 3.600 sqm. After completion the total building area will be more than 22.000 sqm.
  • Calix has received a large serial production order of Engine Block Heaters to a major producer of cars. The new order will generate net sales of 50 MSEK per year and deliveries commenced in September.
  • Klippan Safety has received its first order to develop and produce luggage shades for trunks (”rollos”). The customer is a prestigous producer of cars in Europe.


  • The rented production facility of Andrénplast AB in Gothenburg on 7,000 sqm was closed on December 31, 2022. The major part of the activities have been relocated to its sister company in Stargard, Poland.
  • Vi Bilägare, Sweden’s biggest car magazine, made a test of Cab Heaters from several different manufacturers. WaveLine 1700, a cab heater from Calix, was the ultimate winner and titled ”Best Cab Heater 2022".
  • Safeman AB and its affiliated real estate company owning the building were acquired on July 8, 2022. Safeman is located only 40 km east of Formplast at Broby and has 25 empolyees, annual net sales of 75 MSEK and a building area of 12,000 sqm. One major product is vacuum formed plastic module walls for light vehicles under the brand Prefence.
  • Calix obtained extended overseas business to a large American manufacturer of agricultural equipment.
  • Autoform at Malung has received a break-through order of significant value on Rear Seat Back Protectors. Rear Seat Back Protectors is a recently developed product that falls within the same product range as trunk liners. The order is placed by one of the leading producers of light vehicles.


  • The new facilitiy at Autoform, Malung, was taken into operation during second quarter.
  • Preciform managed to receive substantial orders on injection moulded components to a new customer.
  • Continued restructure of the Autoform Group with transfer of several vacuumforming machines from Andrénplast to other sites.
  • The adjacent property in Eskilstuna, with 11.000 m² of land and 2.400 m² of an industrial building, was acquired by Calix/Preciform.


  • An issue of new shares of € 5 million, guaranteed by Bark Invest AB, was effected in April in order to reassure employees, customers etc in view of the pandemic
  • Formplast at Broby, Sweden, was acquired on June 1. Major activities are vacuum- and pressure forming of thermoplastics. Formplast has annual sales of € 4 million, 30 employees and a 8,000 sqm factory
  • Carbox at Achim, near Bremen, was acquired on September 1. Carbox is a competitor to Autoform in vacuum-forming of trunk liners for the German automotive industry. Carbox has annual sales of € 3 million and 20 employees
  • Preciform was awarded the VQE (Volvo Quality Excellence) Award by Volvo Car Group
  • Preciform obtained new orders for insert injection moulded components trigging substantial investments in automation
  • Calix launched a new type of engine heater with integrated pump – Forced Circulation Heater – (”FCH”)
  • In November Autoform at Malung started construction of a 1,200 sqm building to link the two existing factories together


  • Preciform in Eskilstuna, Sweden, erected additional 1,500 sqm warehousing facilities
  • Klippan Safety continued to invest in looms for net manufacture and was awarded substantial orders on nets as stand-alone components
  • Autoform was appointed CKAB´s centre for tool and mould manufacture and invested in new milling machines
  • A long-term agreement was signed with The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm regarding development of Bio-materials to complement and supplement thermoplastics


Klippan Safety Germany
  • Klippan Safety in Poland gradually started its operations and Andrénplast began vacuum-forming production in the new 18,500 sqm factory in Poland
  • Klippan Germany transferred its operations to its new 4,300 sqm building at Sulzemoos
  • Klippan Brazil started commercial supply
  • PeBe at Veddige, Sweden, achieved after a persistant work during many years, a break-through in seat covers for automobiles


Klippan Safety and Andrénplast Poland
  • Autoform acquired its rented 12,000 sqm factory from the local authorities at Malung, Sweden
  • Klippan Safety in Poland acquired a 39,000 sqm building site at Stargard
  • Klippan Safety in Germany acquired a 10,000 sqm building site at Sulzemoos near Munich
  • Klippan Safety in Sweden acquired a neighbouring 3,800 sqm industrial building
  • Calix received an award from Volvo Car Group for supplier quality excellence
  • Autoform received quality awards from Toyota, Honda and Volvo Car Group
  • Preciform started commercial supply of injection moulded components


  • Klippan Safety do Brazil was established and started pre-serial deliveries
  • Klippan Safety began commercial production of complete beds and storage systems for a major European truck manufacturer
  • Klippan Safety was awarded development and production partnership of interior cab subsystems for another truck manufacturer
  • Calix Group and Klippan Group were merged into CalixKlippan AB (”CKAB”)
  • Andrénplast obtained an order of complete driver surrounding panels in plastics for a leading European bus manufacturer